Bryan Touney

Bryan is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. He was born in San Diego, California and was adopted in 1985. His family relocated to the Kansas City, Missouri suburbs where they eventually settled in a small community, Bryan became the typical “Lake Rat:” fishing, swimming, and water skiing. He participated in cross country and track during his high school years and was a Missouri All State runner his senior year. He received an athletic scholarship to attend Northwest Missouri State University, and he graduated with a degree in Mass Communication/Broadcasting. Bryan was born with a musical gift. He received his first small keyboard when he was six years old and immediately started repeating music he heard in church or on television. His mom was amazed when she came home to hear him playing our national anthem, which he heard during the Olympics. He once told his parents that if he could get the first five or six notes of a song, he could play the rest. Bryan did not understand that his parents did not have the same ability. When he got older, he took music lessons, but his teacher had to cut a deal with him because he wanted to change even classical music “for the better.” At recitals, Bryan agreed to play one piece of music her way if he could play an original composition. In high school, Bryan focused on athletics, cars, and his social life but his interest in music never diminished. His musical interests have ranged from rap to rock to country, and his musical influences include Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, Jim Brickman, Phil Vassar, and Rob Thomas. Bryan’s music career is finally taking off. He has a new a single “I Never Told You (That I Love You) ” .

I Never Told You That I Love You – Bryan Touney

When Bryan first walked into Affinity, he was a “tall refreshing drink of water.”  He had just arrived into town and was looking to get a record deal.  We let him know that we do not turn away serious artists or songwriters, and gave him advice on what his next steps should be.  We encouraged him to go to other record companies and publishers to find out more about the industry.  But Bryan was persistent.  He kept calling. Bryan is a fantastic singer, and we just wanted him to be sure that he wanted to be here with us. He sang one of the songs he wrote and played the piano and it was as though a whirlwind came through Affinity. Shortly after that, an opportunity came for us to really test Bryan’s skills as a singer, and we asked him to come in and demo some songs we were working on. Bryan sang the songs very well but the producer, Angela Anderson could hear something else.

“Bryan had a passion for singing that had never been fully released. I thought that he had the passionate voice I had been looking for to sing “I Never Told You (That I Love You)”. So, I let Bryan hear the song. He thought it was a good song. Then, he listened intently to it again, moving to the rhythm of the song, and reading the lyrics, and all of a sudden he shouted out loud, “Man!!!! Bryan was on fire for that song! Four hours later, we had a hit song on our hands, and a star was born.”

Bryan Touney’s first DVD is on sale now. Bryan is quickly becoming America’s newest heart throb. His style of singing touches the hearts of all who listen, and his video of I Never Told You That I Love You takes you straight inside the heart of a man in love and not afraid of letting go. The video has added bonus footage of Bryan’s first interview, giving everyone an up close look at his relaxed and self-confident nature. He has the ability to make all feel comfortable around him. A much needed plus for the music industry.